Veiga Naúm

In the heart of Salnes Valley


Bodega Veiga Naúm is located in Dena-Meaño, Valle del Salnés, the most prestigious area of Rías Baixas that produces the best and most charismatic white wines of Spain.



Passion for land


The winery has a production capacity of 120,000 kg. from grape. The tanks are made of stainless steel, with cooling sleeves for temperature control. Semi-automatic filling and labeling system. Currently, a single 100% Albariño wine is being produced in the winery.



Rite of obtaining the products of the land


It has 4 hectares of own vineyard and 16 hectares of controlled vineyard, whose production is lower than that established by the Denomination of Origin.




Villareis, 21.
36967 Dena - Meaño

Tel. +34 941 45 40 50
Fax. +34 941 45 45 29


Denomination of Origin


of Veiga Naúm